Monday, May 10

Massive Gap Widens Between Republican and Democrat's Belief in Climate Change

 This article, "Massive Gap Widens Between Republican and Democrat's Belief in Climate Change",  discusses why conservatives increasingly disbelieve Global Warming is happening.

Among other things, they say :
"the change must be attributed not to the actual state of climate science, but to ... corporate interest in preserving a belief system ..."
Belief systems.  Can't live with 'em, can't live wthout 'em.

Hey, I can't take weeks off to study the literature on Global Warming.  So I ask myself, why  do I believe that climate change is real, severe, and human-caused? 

I guess the story Al Gore told in "An Inconvenient Truth" made sense to me, from the young Senator Gore frustrated that the Senate ignored the data back in 1976,  to time-lapse photos of glaciers melting.

Or maybe I just trust Al Gore, because he's part of my team.

Whether you "believe" in global warming or not, where did your belief come from?

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  1. I believe that climate scientists know what they are talking about, especially when the vast majority them agree. The reason they know what they are talking about is because they figured it out using the scientific method. They don't BELIEVE global warming is happening; they THINK it's happening.